April Birthstones

Birthstones for April

Birthstones for April

Stones for the People born in the month of April

April – اپریل میں پیدا ہونے والوں کیلئے موافق پتھر

  • Diamond – ہیرا

Diamond is the birthstone of April. It is the world’s most popular gem. Many people enjoy diamond because of its brilliance and because of its dispersion. Dispersion is the ability of a gem to act as a prism and separate light into its component colors – as shown by the diamond in the accompanying photo.

Diamond is one of the most expensive birthstones. When cost is a concern, many people opt for a smaller stone. Others decide to purchase a more affordable lab-grown diamond. If cost is not an issue, then a beautiful colored diamond might be possible! Image copyright iStockphoto / Greg Stanfield.

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  • Sapphire – نیلم

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Most people immediately think of a blue gem when they hear the name “sapphire”. That is because gem-quality specimens of the mineral corundum with blue color are called “sapphire” by definition. However, corundum occurs in many colors. When it is pink, orange, green, purple, yellow, or any of these other colors, the name “fancy sapphire” is used.

Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.

Some of the world’s finest sapphires have been mined in a Montana locality known as Yogo Gulch. If you know someone with a September birthday who lives in Montana, a Yogo sapphire might be the perfect birthstone gift. Creative Commons photo of a gem from Barnes Jewelry, Helena, Montana, by Montanabw.

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  • Opal – اوپل

The third birthstone for April is Opal. Opal is an original modern birthstone for the month of October. Some people call it the world’s most colorful gem because one stone can display a full spectrum of colors. Opal occurs in many different varieties.

The accompanying image is a black opal from Australia, but there are also fire opals from Mexico, honeycomb opals from Ethiopia, and colorful common opals from Peru. Lab-grown opals are available in a wide variety of colors and appearances for people who would like to obtain an attractive item for a lower price. Lab-grown opals are being sold today in many jewelry stores. Image copyright iStockphoto / mikheewnik.

These are all April Birthstones for the people born in the month of April.

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