Top Turquoise Green Blue Stone: A Symphony of Nature’s Best Hues

18,750 Rs.

Turquoise Green Blue Stone

  • -Journey through the mesmerizing spectrum of Turquoise Green Blue Stone. Experience the blend of cool greens and deep blues in our handpicked gemstone collection.
  • -34.55 Carat

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Additional information

Ref. No.

TQS 501





Yes, 100%

Stone Name:

Turquoise – Feroza


34.55 carat

Size / Dimensions (LxWxD):

mm x mm x mm



Turquoise Benefits:

Spiritual Attunement, Cleansing, Healing, Protection, Valor, Soothing, Peace of Mind, Guidance through the Unknown, Romantic Spontaneity

Lab Certificate:

Yes – FREE with Gemstone


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