The Alluring Power of Mariam Jasper: A Stone for Strength & Balance**

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Rare Natural Mariam Jasper Stone

  • -Embrace the strength and beauty of Mariam Jasper! This captivating jasper variety, known for its unique patterns, is believed to promote emotional balance, inner strength, and a sense of grounding. Discover the power of Mariam Jasper and find your center.
  • -29.75 Carat

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Additional information

Ref. No.

HS 125





Yes, 100%

Stone Name:

Holy Stone, Calligraphy Stone


29.75 carats

Size / Dimensions (LxWxD):

mm x mm x mm



Holy Stone Benefits:

Spiritual, Intellectual, Anti Stress, Courage, Boosts Creativity, Good Fortune

Lab Certificate:

Yes – FREE with Gemstone


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