The Inspiring Miriam Calligraphy Gemstone: A Stone for Creative Expression**

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Original Natural Miriam Calligraphy Gemstone

  • -Unleash your creative potential with the Miriam Calligraphy Gemstone! This captivating stone features mesmerizing patterns reminiscent of calligraphy and is believed to enhance creativity, communication skills, and artistic expression. Discover the Miriam Calligraphy Gemstone and find your voice.
  • -30.90 Carat

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Additional information

Ref. No.

HS 126





Yes, 100%

Stone Name:

Holy Stone, Calligraphy Stone


30.90 carat

Size / Dimensions (LxWxD):

mm x mm x mm



Holy Stone Benefits:

Spiritual, Intellectual, Anti Stress, Courage, Boosts Creativity, Good Fortune

Lab Certificate:

Yes – FREE with Gemstone


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